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watcha got there



watcha got there

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and my U.S. History teacher was trying to get us to understand why it was such a big deal that England had put a tax on colonial sugar, and he goes,

"What if you had to pay a tax every time you logged onto wifi?"

And the whole class just went


and I heard at least two people whisper “I would murder someone”

I will keep reblogging this in the name of historical science

Does anyone find it funny that the response gif is one of the most British people you’ll meet?

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you sure

them went to the bathroom sounds stupid as shit


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she was ABout to put a fukING BANDAGE ON It

yeah have u ever met a school nurse..

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“you’re here to learn” I’m here because it’s the fucking law

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In all the campaigns I've DM'd we always make a mockery of the bard and call him /that guy/ since he always has a tendency to mess things up for the whole party, hence my distaste of bards
stalydan stalydan Said:

Well there’s always a bad player who manages to mess things up. I heard of a Pathfinder session at my old comic shop where the Paladin tried navigating through a Monk training temple trap floor by taking all his armour off, tying it into a bundle and running along the pressure plates that set off crossbows in the wall, taking about half a dozen bolts before jumping down the 30 foot hole that was supposed to test Feather Fall using his armour bundle as a counter weight. He ended up missing his fall check and then forgetting about his massive plate armour coming to crash down on him. He was one 2 HP after all that.